Thermal transport in nanostructured and disordered systems
Javier Rodríguez-Viejo | SOPHOT 2021

Thermoelectric transport in low-dimensional materials using SPM
Alexandros El Sachat | SOPHOT 2021

Measuring thermal transport at the nanoscale
Milo Yaro Swinkels | SOPHOT 2021

Thermal conductivity reduction in 3D bismuth nanowire networks
Olga Caballero | SOPHOT 2021

Studying phononic & electronic heat flow in layered materials
Klaas Jan Tielrooij | SOPHOT 2021

Controlling local thermal properties of nanostructures
Sanghamitra Neogi | SOPHOT 2021

Phonon hydrodynamics phenomena on semiconductors 
Xavier Álvarez | SOPHOT 2021

Investigating thermal transport in solid state systems by molecular dynamics 
Luciano Colombo | SOPHOT 2021

Topological phonons
Bartomeu Monserrat | SOPHOT 2021